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May 17, 2019

Shippensburg University Field Hockey team is the current 3-time defending Division II National Champions

Welcome back to REN Hockey! After a month long visit home to the states, co-founder Charné and I are now back in South Africa. Next week REN Hockey will resume action! During our time in the states, while waiting for my student visa to go through, we met with my alma mater, the Shippensburg University Field Hockey team. They were eager to know more about REN Hockey! We shared with them our vision for the program and their support was immediate. 

It was a sweet feeling to see the team that meant so much to me during my 4 years at Shippensburg be so inspired by what we are currently aiming to do, and I am equally proud of what they have done these last few years. This meeting united my experiences at Shippensburg with my current path of leading the REN Hockey program. Since high school, the sport has motivated me to improve myself in every way possible, and the four years I played at Shippensburg shaped me into the person I am today. I am filled with excitement to see the determination of this team to not only be successful on the field but to want to share their passion with those half a world away.

The kids made a flag which we presented to the team and their reactions were priceless. We hope this flag will hang in their locker room during the year and serve as a reminder of the amazing opportunities that can be gained through this sport.

Thank you, Coach Tara, for inviting us to come meet this inspiring team and thank you Shippensburg University Field Hockey for remaining such an impactful part of my life.



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