Fit is it!

September 1, 2019

It has been an exciting week for REN Hockey!

As a Shippensburg University hockey player from 2010-2014, hockey had given me opportunities that wouldn’t have been possible otherwise. Through hockey (and track and field), I received a scholarship to get my Bachelor’s degree in Exercise Science, won the 2013 NCAA National Championship, and made a network of supportive, lifelong friends.

It is my dream to provide similar uplifting experiences to youth in the Khayelitsha township. As REN Hockey grows, I am increasingly grateful for the opportunities I had as it becomes clear how rare they are. By hosting weekend hockey events, REN Hockey is providing safe, educational and exciting opportunities that will empower the youth to continue a new cycle of development in their community. This week REN Hockey players were given the opportunity to be led by three passionate trainers from the Mustang Sports Gym in Parow, who loved that they could use their passion for fitness to give back!

To bring this story full circle, the current Shippensburg University Field Hockey team has officially announced a clinic to support our initiatives at REN Hockey! It is amazing that this sport has been able to connect two amazing communities from two opposite sides of the world. We are extremely grateful for your support and we hope to continue expanding the Ship hockey family. Please check out our clinic here.

Ship is it!




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