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October 19, 2019


As REN Hockey continues to grow, education and connections are so valuable! 

Over the last few weeks I was part of two unique conferences. First, the 6th International Sport and Peace Conference hosted by the Foundation for Development and Peace was held in mid-September.

For this event passionate professors, teachers, students and sport leaders came together from countries throughout Africa and the world. It was a unique opportunity to be part of discussions and listening to innovative ideas that will help move our world forward. Bringing these great minds together allows these innovators to create the solutions our world is looking for.  

In relation to my PhD study, I would say events like this are a great step towards Sustainable Development Goal 17 “Partnerships for the Goals”! The networks formed at these events create opportunities for partnerships that are necessary to achieve all 17 of the Sustainable Development Goals by the intended target date of 2030.

The BRICSCESS (Brazil Russia India China South Africa Council of Exercise and Sport Science) was held mid-October. It brought specialists from around the world to discuss sport, recreation, exercise and development in middle income countries (BRICS). Here I presented my masters research from Stellenbosch University – “The Development of Social Capital at the Cycling and Academic Support Programme.” Social capital, the networks of relationships that surround an individual, influences the resources, knowledge and opportunities available to that individual. The networks formed at are impacting the behaviors of youth in this program, who have built empowering relationships and have set their eyes set on a brighter future. 

This is the link for the BRICSESS (although this is not free). The Foundation for Development and Peace is COMPLETELY FREE (minus parking/ travel).

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