Aya – our first coach-to-be

December 5, 2019

We are proud to announce our first crowd-based fundraising event!

REN Hockey was founded in August 2018 with the dream of reducing the painful effects of poverty in Khayelitsha, the second biggest township in South Africa.

Our most consistent coach is a 22-year-old young man who once had lived on the streets in Cape Town. He has not missed a single session since we met him in March 2019, and has even taken the initiative to start leading his own drills!

Ayabonga’s effort over these last months is the sole reason REN Hockey has been able to hold consistent training sessions. Often Ayabonga and I were the only coaches available for approximately the 50 kids who attend. Despite not being a hockey player before, he stepped up and has become passionate about our hockey sessions.

Like many youth in the Western Cape he had to drop out of high school. He has never had a job before we met him, and he felt little hope for his future.

We hope to help him carve a new path by making him our first official coach! Starting in January 2020, we hope to pay him R220 (approximately USD14.66) per 2 weekly sessions. We aim to raise R21,120 (approximately $1408) to pay him for 1 year.

We are also raising funds to complete the 5013c tax exception paperwork which costs about $600 in the United States.

To do this we created a T-shirt design to encourage donations. If you donate $20 you will receive a REN Hockey T shirt! If you donate $30 a REN Hockey player will also receive a shirt! Checks or cash payments will be collected by Carenna Neely. After donating, you can use the following link to tell us your shirt size!

Click this button to buy a T-shirt and support us now →

If you are in a position to help us, we would greatly appreciate your efforts! If you are currently unable to donate, we still hope that you can follow our Facebook, Instagram and website to witness our journey!

Thank you for your time and desire to be part of a more peaceful world,

Carenna Neely

REN Hockey Founder


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