Happy 2020!

January 25, 2020


REN Hockey hopes your 2020 is off to a strong start! Our #friendsofREN shirts have arrived! Thank you, thank you, thank you to everyone who has donated! We are very grateful for the support and kind messages. These messages fuel our motivation and your donations will make it possible for every REN Hockey participant to receive a shirt this year! We are feeling the momentum for 2020!

Our next steps…

  1. Official sign ups
    We have been holding weekly hockey trainings since last year and attendance has been regular. While we love seeing both old and new faces at our sessions each week, it’s time to build a consistent group to maximize the benefit.

    Starting in February, REN Hockey participants will have the opportunity to officially sign up and commit to being part of the program. This will also allow us to distribute shirts to our committed participants.

  2. Academic support
    REN Hockey founder Carenna Neely will begin volunteering as an English teacher in the primary school. She will work with mainly 4th grade classes to help students as they transition through the foundational English phase.

    As REN Hockey grows, we hope the relationships built within the school will allow our academic tutoring program to form.

  3. Logistics
    We are in the final steps of the 501c3 tax paperwork process. Once this is completed, our fundraising initiatives will accelerate!

Thank you for your kind wishes!

We are feeling the momentum for 2020!

p.s. There are more shirts available in most sizes from youth small to adult XXL! If you would like a shirt, please contact us!


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