Momentum not perfection

March 20, 2020 

Update: We have followed the Western Cape’s advisory on combating the Coronavirus and postponed our hockey sessions accordingly.

One of our goals for 2020 is to build a consistent group of players that will eventually form teams and be able to compete. Through this, we hope to build relationships with the youth, create educational opportunities and work with them to realize the more inclusive rainbow nation we envision. 

Last month, we made a list of the 25 most consistent players since August 2018 and invited them to officially commit to attending REN Hockey EVERY WEEK. While 22 kids showed up for our first March session, it was not exactly the same 25 we invited. So we waited to see what will happen this last Saturday. Attendance was similar. While Carenna spoke to some of the kids during the week at school, only 17 kids came, and those kids were not the same as the previous week. 

While we haven’t confirmed our “team” yet, the smaller numbers have created a better learning experiences for the kids and for REN coaches Carenna and Ayabonga. 

This last Saturday we invited 3 high school leaners to become a REN Hockey student coach. All three were excited and confirmed. One showed up on Saturday. While we have some misunderstandings regarding commitment, the people who are attending consistently REALLY want to be there. Our single student coach took everything in during his personal training session Satruday morning. When the kids came at 10 for REN’s official session, he stepped into his new role as if it were made for him. It was one of those moments that show us we are moving in the right direction. 

This week Carenna will speak to the kids again at school. Our hope is that over the next few weeks we will be able to solidify about 25 players who will be part of REN Hockey for 2020. 

Momentum > perfection

Thank you for your continued support! 



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