Small steps. Big priorities

1 June 2021

As COVID continues to impact our lives, we continue remain creative in our approach to find our path forward. We continue to spend our time visiting family by family so we can define that path together. While it seems we are still months away from returning to large group training sessions and events, we have learned a lot as we stepped back to focus on the individual and reflect. 

 “Change happens with small steps and big priorities”  -Jay Shetty

Ready for Education Now

Equal education is key to addressing the deep inequality in South African society. At the same time it recycles the inequalities we experience. Education provides more than knowledge and connections to opportunity, education and educational institutions show us our value in society at a young age. Drastic disparities are engrained deep in South African Society. While our kids continue to go to school just two or three days a week, these disparities will continue to expand. Kids in low-income communities lack the resources to learn effectively at home. Additionally, their parents are unable to assist with homework because they have not been taught the material themselves. We are listening to our parents and assisting where we can. Working in small groups has allowed us to recognize our role and responsibility in addressing these disparities. It also allows us to fill the unique gaps experienced by each leaner. 

Our goal is to play a role in equalizing the quality of education our kids receive. Our hope is that our kids grow up with opportunities to find their passions and contribute something meaningful.   

Over the last few months we have been building literacy and numeracy skills, assisting with homework and introducing the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Of these goals, our programme has found value in SDG 4 for Quality Education which states that, in accordance with our human rights, SDG 4.1:each child should receive free, equitable quality primary and secondary education, 4.2: everyone should have access to quality early childhood development  care and pre-primary education, 4.3: ensure equal access for all to post-secondary education ensuring everyone have access to 4.4: education leading to relevant skill for employment, decent work and entrepreneurship, 4.5: eliminate gender disparities across gender across all levels of education and 4.6: every child and adult should achieve basic literacy and numeracy, 4.7: education for sustainable development, human rights and culture’s contribution to sustainable deployment should be emphasized. Additionally 4.a: new schools should be built, 4.b: scholarships increased and 4.c: new teachers trained so that every student can learn in a safe and effective environment. 

These goals represent an ideal. We aren’t there yet. 

We are Ready for Education Now.

<3 REN


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