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5 September

August 2018, we held our first events and were officially registered as a NPO in South Africa. 

This last month represented a time to reflect on another year of REN. 

After our first event in 2018, it was about a year until we secured a consistent place to play. At this point, our confidence was growing, the kids were learning, and everyone was having fun! We were feeling more comfortable in Khayelitsha, making friends with other sport leaders, teachers, families etc… and then everything stopped. COVID hit and caused us to take a few steps back. While we had been focusing on engaging large numbers of youth, we could no longer host our sessions with 50+ kids… 

Despite this, we didn’t feel like our purpose was lost. 

After the initial lockdown we began to visit some of our families for Education, Exercise and Eating programs. We learned a lot through these visits, made stronger connections and had a lot of fun! We felt our REN family growing and our purpose becoming clearer. 

Often the mamas did the exercises with us. This allowed us to get to know them and their goals on a deeper level. Watching them improve their strength alongside their kids has motivated our next steps. 

Everyone deserves to feel strong. The benefits of strength training go beyond physical strength. 

So… What’s next!? We have been reflecting a lot recently on these two questions.

Where will we be if we continue along our current path? 

Are we using our abilities in a way that matters? 

The answers to these two questions have encouraged us to make some changes…

We are defining our own path forward!

But how…

We think the answer lies somewhere between the following questions: 

1.     What are we good at? 

2.     What do we like to do? 

3.     What does the world need? 

4.     How can we get paid for it?

Essentially, how do we get paid for something that matters to us and to humanity?

Coach REN is a passionate strength coach (NSCA-CSCS certified) and field hockey athlete (NCAA National Champion) who has gained a variety of experiences strength training and playing sports throughout the world. Through her experiences she has developed a vision for strengthening people and communities through exercise (mainly strength training and field hockey). 

To share this potential, Coach REN is going online! 

Coach REN (Carenna Neely, M.S., CSCS) is available for individualized coaching to create personalized programming with you! Her approach applies a Human Centered Design approach (focused on those who use the service) alongside mental and physical strength training exercises. By strengthening the connection between your mental and physical strengths you will be more likely to connect to the daily efforts needed to meet your goals!

Start training with us, find purpose in your exercise and connect to a global community! Sign up via email! ren.hockeysa@gmail.com

Carenna Neely

Founder REN Hockey

www.renhockey.org | Facebook: REN Hockey | Instagram: ren.hockey


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