REN Off-Grid is a sustainable and regenerative community development program working to ensure more people have enough to eat, and get enough exercise, education and experience to thrive.

Why does it matter? More and more people throughout the world are finding it increasingly difficult to meet their basic needs; fewer and fewer people have access to the resources we all need to thrive. The growing division among us prevents us all from reaching our full potential.

Why off-grid? By learning and teaching off-grid skills, we empower ourselves and communities to meet our basic needs ourselves, and in ways that are more sustainable and even regenerative.

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Eat: The Enough Garden aims to grow enough food for the community to eat while simultaneously teaching them how to grow it themselves.

Exercise: Our field hockey and strength training activities aim to engage youth and their families to participate in and benefit from sport and exercise.

Educate: Our off-grid and leadership initiatives focus on building relevant skills that empower communities to build their own lives, and empowering others to do the same. (REN kids with books)

Experience: We aim to create opportunities that allow us to experience life outside of our comfort zone, to allow us to understand one another better, and to create a better status quo for us all.

How you can Support: Youtube/Patreon blog (levels and rewards) Donations: current needs list (we are creating a mural to say thank you for your support!)

FUTURE OPTIONS: Books / workshops / internships / volunteer & study abroad