Off-Grid Strength

We are a young couple who decided it was time to live with purpose and design a future that we will be proud of! To do this, we are moving Off-Grid to the rural Eastern Cape of South Africa! Every week we will post a vlog on YouTube to share this story!

Our long term vision is to set up a sustainable homestead that will allow us to support ourselves and inspire others to move off whatever “grid” is holding them back! We decided to move off grid, literally, because we think there is a better way for humanity to thrive. We hope this path will give us the tools to build our non-profit, formally REN Hockey; in a truly sustainable way.

This non-profit will be known as REN Off-Grid!

REN Off-Grid is a sport development program that will grow on a foundation of fresh food gardens!

To support us and our efforts to share this story, find us on Patreon! Our Patreon supporters will receive access to a private blog where they get to know us even better!