Ready 4 Enough Now…

REN Off-Grid is a sustainable and regenerative community development program working to ensure that more people have enough to eat, and get enough exercise, education and experience to thrive.

We are here in Eastern Cape!

On 26 Feb 2023, we’ve officially started building our community food garden in rural Eastern Cape, South Africa. This garden will form the foundation for our sports & community development programmes! 

We are creating this off-grid story to entertain you and empower you to take a step off your grid! These off-grid skills not only meet our basic needs, but they are more sustainable and even regenerative!

Give the gift of enough!

For ZAR 800 or USD 44, we will build 1 sq. meter of garden and dedicate it to you! This includes:

  • preparing the soil (tilling & compost)
  • planting seeds (local & heirloom)
  • maintaining the plants, harvest and share!
  • a personal thank-you letter & updates!


We aim to create opportunities that allow us to understand one another better, and to build a better status quo for us all.


Our off-grid initiatives focus on building relevant skills that empower communities to sustain and build their own lives.


Our field hockey and strength training activities engage youth and their families to participate in and benefit from sport and exercise.


The Enough Garden aims to grow enough food for the community while teaching them how to grow it themselves.

More people throughout the world are finding it increasingly difficult
to meet their basic needs, while fewer people have access to the resources that we all need to thrive. The growing division among us prevents us all from reaching our full potential.

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